Black Hills National Forest

More Heads, More Glory!

The Seismicon Presidential Expansion Project

Once approved by the Department of the Interior (NPS) and Department of Agriculture (USFS), the Seismicon Presidential Monument Expansion project will add one new colossal president head annually to natural granite spires throughout the Black Hills.

The Project will serve the following objectives:

  1. Make the Black Hills a world class tourist destination
  2. Provide jobs for hundreds of unemployed rock artists and monument sculptors
  3. Put those rocks to use! Give RVers and bikers something decent to look at when driving through Wyoming and South Dakota.
  4. Pay respect to 40+ of the most powerful men of earth. Remember, these men had big hearts; the least we can do is carve their heads in stone.

Write to Your Local Congress Person and Tell Him or Her that Mount Rushmore is Not Enough... You Want to See ALL the U.S. President Heads in Stone Today!

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