Team of Experts


Geophysicist, mathematician, martial arts expert, revolutionary leader, rocket pilot -- mere job descriptions do little to describe the impact Diesel Robins-Baskin has had on the modern world. Robins-Baskin led the CIA into Cambodia, the Dalai Lama out of Tibet, and a troop of Boyscouts to the crest of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

Robins-Baskin engineered the electric car and the neutron bomb. He put Pathfinder on Mars and his wife on Prozac. He developed the world's first digital camera and used it to take nude photos of himself for the internet.

Diesel Robins-Baskin is also a collector. His personal vault of goodies includes a first edition Spiderman and the last strain of smallpox. His archive of stolen art treasures makes the Getty embarassed to be in business.

Aboriginal tribes in the jungles of the world know Diesel as "King". Children in the port cities of the world know Diesel as "Daddy." Women in the bedrooms of the world know Diesel as "Lying Bastard." Diesel describes himself as "the most intelligent man on earth, yet denied divinity by a pantheon of jealous Gods."

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