Team of Experts


Charles Reggie Pong knew that a life in a New York City sweatshop was not for him. So when he turned 11, Pong built an atomic bomb from old refrigerator parts and demanded 10 million from the city in unmarked bills.

Pong didn't get the 10 million, but he did a job building warheads for the United States Department of Defense. Sick and tired of the nasty company refrigerator where he worked, Pong left the DOD after 10 years and started selling his knowledge to the highest bidder.

Pong soon found himself in the middle east with his own private palace and stable of veiled harem girls. Pong, however, had enough of nuclear engineering, and turned his attention to time travel, developing the world's first fully functional time machine.

Unfortunately, Pong's time machine was stolen by a disgruntled paleontologist who shipped off without warning to the middle Jurassic. After having the greatest invention of his career disappear some 60 million years into the past, Pong entered a long period of depression where he reduced his publishing output to three poems a year and his alcohol intake to three bottles a day.

Pong describes himself as "about three fifths Albert Einstein and one fifth Charles Manson and one fifth boubon on the rocks, please."

Pong is currently serving as consultant on the invasion of Earth by a race of extraterrestrial chickenpeople.

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