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Y6B is the year when the Earth's population reaches 6 billion. The start of Y6B is predicted by Seismicon to occur on October 10, 1999. Since the Earth consists of finite resources which can only support a population of this number for a limited amount of time, Seismicon encourages human beings stop humping in ways that result in the production of additional offspring.

Since humans are unlikely to stop humping like this, Seismicon has developed a bold strategy to reduce human numbers: the introduction of mutant predators into the ecosystem.

Seismicon has developed a series of genetically modified beasts with a hankering for human flesh. Here is the breakdown:

Great White Pig. This aggressive beast stands nearly 15 meters! It has the body of a pig and the mouth of a great white shark. It makes a distinctive snort, can breath underwater, and eats cars too. The Great White Pig can smell a human from a distance of 2 miles and can uproot a house with its nose.

Hummingcrocs. These petite birds are actually miniature crocodiles! Hummingcrocs hunt in swarms and will strip a 200 pound man to a skeleton in 36 seconds. Hummingcrocs thirst for blood the way their bird cousins long for sweet nectar.

Grizzly Snake. With the body of a snake and the head of a grizzly, this beast is sure to create a scare among the little ones. The grizzly snake prefers to hunt at night, creeping through cat doors and open windows to enjoy "breakfast in bed". A Grizzly Snake swallows its prey alive and then enjoys a two day digestion period. A full sized snake prefers to eat two adult humans every three days, or five or six children.

Jack the Ripper Rabbits. Seismicon loosely based this one on the cult film, Night of the Lupus. The difference here is that our carnivorous bunnies stand 12 feet tall, walk on two legs, and have axe blades instead of paws. These angry critters specialize in home invasion, chopping down doors and ripping off roofs. They are also our most prolific breeder, increasing their numbers at an exponential rate every six weeks.

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